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Dear Little Caylee  / Tiffany Mckee (none)
Hey there sweet baby girl You have touched so many lives in this will be missed and never forgotten! Mei you rest in peace and just know that judgement day will come and there will be justice. We love you.
R.I.P CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY  / Valerie Marie Mendoza (never met her, but loves her )




                                          P.S MY MIDDLE NAME IS MARIE <3


im so sorry.  / K. &. D. B. (none)
Rest in peace little baby girl. I love you like my own.
prayer for caylee and family  / Helen Wharam (sympathic friend )
My heartfelt sympathy to Athony family on the tragic loss and still unanswered questions about their sweet baby Caylee my love and prayers to help them find peace which can only come from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I can only imagine the pain and anguish the family is going through. I pray for Casey because she and God knows what happend have mercy on her soul....Sleep my child let peace attend all through the night. Guardian angels God will send thee all through the          night.Rest in everlasting peace sweet baby girl...Love and Prayers always.Redeemed with the Precious Blood of Christ as of a Lamb without blemish and without spot....... 1Peter1:1819... hw...
Caylee a beautiful little angel  / Tracey Olson (none)

I am so sad over your death.  You were a sweet innocent child who's

life was taken away.  I see your smile and it brings such joy to me.  You

are with God now and happy doing allthe fun things you want to do and not suffering anymore.  I can see God holding you in his arms and the love he has in his heart for you.  You are a beautiful angel.  You willnot be forgotten.  you are in my heart for ever.  Rest in peace our lttle angel.There will be justice for you.  TraceyYY

The Anthony Family...  / Amy In SC (None)
Dear George and Cindy I just want to say that I am so sorry for the loss of Caylee. She was just a beautiful little girl who was taken away so soon. As hard as it is to know the pain of losing someone so close its got to be even harder knowing that you have raised a child who would murder their own flesh and blood. I hope one day you can come to terms to the fact that your own daughter is a CHILD MURDERER. I also hope and pray that Mallory sits down and thinks long and hard about the family that she is getting ready to marry into. Rest in peace little Caylee and remember that what comes around goes around.
rest in peace  / Dawn Bunting (none)
Rest in peace little angel...You are now in god's arms and will now be forever safe......
Fly free little Caylee  / Cathy McNeill (Grandmother of 3 )
You were such a beautiful little girl taken from this world too soon and you've touched the hearts of millions of people. Mei you be wrapped in the arms of God and your little wings take flight. You won't be forgotten.
Caylee Anthony  / Bobby Hatch (Searcher)
Dear Caylee you are with christ now and i know you will never hurt again. As i hold you in my heart and i will never forget you. when my time on earth is done then i know ill be in heaven with you. i love you Caylee.
Caylee, your angelic soul will live on forever  / Melinda Gentry (none)
I am a grandmother of a three yr old little girl soon to be 4 and I cannot imagine the emptiness in my heart without my Chloe bear. I can only speculate what I would feel and the pain is unbearable to even imagine. I do think Casey is guilty but I am not here to slam her but to send my prayer's to George Cindy and Lee the loved one's left behind that are having to deal with so many losses in their live's. I have tried in my mind to put myself in this position over and over and I would be a pile of tear's and nerve's if I was facing the loss of my granddaughter and the loss of my child no matter how wrong she was. That is your flesh and blood and you never want to see them die. Caylee was not given a chance to live life and as hard as it is as an outsider to say I think Casey deserves the death penalty I still have to go in my heart as a parent and see how devastating it is for her parent's. They have not only lost loved one's but they have lost and privacy among so many other things when they should be enjoying life right now. My prayer's are with them everyday as I watch this trial and God will see them through all of this no-matter what! Caylee your life did mean something and your little angelic soul will live on in all of us forever! Melinda
Dear George and Cindy  / Sara Monson
As a mother and grandmother myself I can only imagine the loss you have endured. You are both in my prayers. Sending my love Sara M. / Loree Ellsworth (no relation )
Dear George & Cindy I can't even imagine how you are dealing with all this. No matter the out come you have been a constant reminder of what love is. I live in Arizona & occasionally come to Orlando. Some day I hope to meet you to just give you both a hug. Seems like your whole family has been treated poorly through this & I want to be a voice in saying that I am behind you! Mei God Bless
A special girl in many ways  / Robin La Vois (unknown)

Caylee was a real standout.

such a tragedy  / Carol Williams (none)

First I would like to say what an awful tragedy for such a little girl my prayers are with you.  I would also like to say to Cindy your family is fueled with angerrage and dysfunctionalness and for you and George to blame your daughter for the death od Caylee is something unreal.  The evidence only shows what a good mother and loving mother she was not controlling like you not angry like your husband.

I feel sorriest for Lee and Casey who now have to live with the after effects of the poor parenting to which you gave her. Why Cindy did you not protect Casey from her father???????

Did anyone do a DNA on Caylee and George cause she looks just like him perhaps cause he is her grandfather but could he also be her father?


I will pray for Casey Lee and Caylee as they surely need help and for you too Cindy.

little angel of precious caylee  / Tara Rubarski

sweet little caylee

you will be missed by loved one and rest in peace....

my prayers goes to you and the god will take care of you....

the little innocent smile of yours will never fade away and your heart is always inside beating each of would never stop beating as one because you are the one that bright the day as become as a flower......a rose is still a rose is beautiful bold and when it blooms each day of the smile fallings in the clouds while u are on a blue sky......

sweet little innocent of that deserve to live to have a chance and live ahead of her and keeping her smile everyday..... my heart will goes to her i heard the news and watch everyday it broke my heart and that little girl is innocent and shes precious angel that would be alive right now.......but god will take care of you and u would be watching us and will be in angel's wings and fly around the world we will truly missed you.....


god bless you and my prayers goes to anthony's family.....


sweet dreams little sunshine of innocent angel :(

Love forever 2010  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli (Connected by angels )

God bless you sweetie  / Vincent Jackson (none)
Jesus said "suffer the little children to come onto me for such is the kindom of heaven." You are in a place now where you are loved and safe.
We miss you little angel,  / Amber Tucker (None/ just someone who cares )  Read >>
We miss you little angel,  / Amber Tucker (None/ just someone who cares )
I prayed for you to come home which you did. You went home to our father who will never let anyone hurt you again. My heart is torn thinkin about the fear in your eyes on that terrible unfair night. God has chosen you to be the one to open up the eyes of our young parents today an to everyone in that case. RIP little one! You are greatly missed and loved by many! Close
Just for Caylee,Rest in Peace My Angel!  / Cathy Elkins (Someone who cares! )  Read >>
Just for Caylee,Rest in Peace My Angel!  / Cathy Elkins (Someone who cares! )

Here I am standing alone in what my mommy thinks was the terrible two’s

I don’t know why my mommy sent me here or what she’d have me do

which direction should I gowhich direction would my mommy choose

If i choose my mommywill she be glad to have me back or will her and granny always just use me as an excuse to fight if i choose the light will everyone i loved be alright

I had a lot of friends and tons of toys too
I even had my own little house right behind my Granny’s place
It was fun and i loved it and when i looked out the window i could see you mommy and my granny too with smiles across your face

I don’t understand why you sent me away
I thought you told me i was the reason for your smile every single day
Did you get tired of smiling or someone made you smile more
I wish you would tell me so that i know what to do
I can’t stand alone in the dark forever not knowing what to do 
mommy if you let me come back i promise i’ll be nice
and you can still have fun and granny can help watch me
and i’ll be so good mommyjust you wait and see
You won’t even know i’m there
I just want to come homeplease mommy please can i come home
There are things i never got to doI wanted to grow up and be just like youis that the part you hated because you didnt want me too
You were always the center of attention mommy and i just wanted a little too
So i could be just like you
Well you haven’t answered me so i guess i’ll be on my wayi know what to do now and maybe you’ll get to see me again one day
and if you don’t thats ok because my Father is here and he will protect me and he promised no harm will ever come my way!

Caylee the whole world loves you and we know you will never suffer for someone else again or by the hands of anyone again!!!!!
You rest in peace Babywe know you’ll be ok!!!!
We miss you terribly even though we never knew youI am a Grandma too
I wasn’t your Grandma but heres a Grandma kiss from Me to You!!!!!!!!!

Missed by ALL  / Jacie Katz (Follower/lover)  Read >>
Missed by ALL  / Jacie Katz (Follower/lover)


Although we have never met you have captured my heart. I feel sympathy for you but know that you are a very strong little girl. You will be missed by all precious angel. Sympathy and prayers to your family strength to all who miss you! Know that you are loved little sweet angel!

With hugs and kisses sent to you

Jacie and Jaxxon

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