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MY DEAREST CAYLEE  / Bobby Hatch (Friend)

Dear Caylee, I am so sorry you were taken to soon. As you look down on those of us that love and care for you and your family.

I want you to know that I helped in the search for you. I love and will miss you my child.  May god bless you and hold you in his love, and I promise I will never let your memory die.  I dedicated my myspace page to you and I know your smiling down on all of us and your saying Thank You all for looking for me.

I decate Kenny Chesney, Who Youd Be Today  / Celiana Espinoza (no relation )

Sunny days seem to hurt the most
Wear the pain like a heavy coat
I feel you everywhere I go
See your smile, I see your face
I hear you laughing in the rain
Still can't believe your gone


It ain't fair you died to young
Like a story that had just begun
But death tore the pages all away
God knows how I miss you
All the hell that I've been through
Just knowing, no one could take your place
Sometimes I wonder, who you'd be today

Would you see the world
Would you chase your dreams
Settle down with a family
I wonder what would you name your babies
Someday's the sky's so blue
I feel like I can talk to you
And I know it might sound crazy


Today [3x]
Today [3x]

Sunny days seem to hurt the most
I wear the pain like a heavy coat
The only thing that gives me hope
Is I know, I'll see you again someday

Someday, someday

To a beautiful little angel  / Deirdre MacKenzie (None)
You are now with your guardian angels daling may God bless you and keep you
god has you now  / Missy Kirk (none)
caylee i prayed for you from day one when the world was told a beautiful little girl,little caylee,was missing.i cried many days for you.god has you now.    cindy and george,my heart and prayers go out to strong and don't let go of each other.
We love you Caylee  / Angela Turner (none)

We did not know you personally sweet angel. Yet, you have touched a place in everyone in my family's hearts. My three year old little girl, Rylie, said "Jesus put a band-aid on Caylee" tonight. That was what inspired me the most to write. You were a beautiful little girl who had an innocent soul. You did have people around you, though not all of the, who loved you and that helps set my mind at ease that you were at least treated somewhat right while you were alive. It is a shame you are no longer with us, but from myself personally, my grandmother, NeeNee is up there. I am 27 now but I lost her when I was 12. She was the world to me and if I know her, she has already found you. You will be well taken care of sweetheart. Just know that you have not just claimed the nation's heart, but especially ours. I am in the legal profession and, unfortunately, because of what happened, I will start up a coalition to toughen the crimes, again, against children. We love you and God bless your grandparents and extended family.

The Turner Family

You will be missed! Love you Baby!  / Brenda (none)

Caylee Marie you are such an angel.  Such a sweet face with a heart to match, I'll bet.  You must have been the sweetest little thing!  God will take great care of you!  May you blossom and grow in His care.

Sweet angel girl  / Alexis Carter (none)

Caylee your story has touched so many hearts and lives including mine and every time i hear the song you are my sunshine i will think of you!!! You are safe in the arms of jesus now rest in peace sweet baby girl

A person who cares

Heavenly Angel From Above  / Amanda Hildebrand (No Relation )

Cindy & George,

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I am a mother of 2 little girls and this devastating story has touched my heart along with millions of others in the world. My prayers and thoughts will always be with you and your family. God bless you!


Hello there babygirl. We never knew each other, but you have touched so many peoples lives in this world including mine. You are a beautiful girl and I know you will be missed very much. Rest in peace sweetheart. Keep on singing you are my sunshine because you will shine on us everyday!



our friend  / Justin Gregory
May you rest in peace and conferate.You are now an angel we all hope to have around in spiret or our in peace and may god be with you.
a grandma who loves all the little children .  / Clara Knipp (none)
sweet little caylee i will never understand how any one could harm a sweet little angel like you or any other child.your beautyfull little face and smiles in all your pictures.our little granddaughter is 3 just like you and she ask her grandpa something they other day and i thought of the time when you was looking at your book and reading it you ask grandpa something your sweet little voice.i think of you every day.we have 3 grandchildren and i dont know what i would do if some thing would happen to them .i just wished that you would have had some one to give you the love that you give to every one around you are in the arms of jesus rest sweet little baby girl.we all love you little angel up in heaven.
TO CAYLEE and her Grandparents;  / Tina Lehman (A FRIEND )

Hello; Angel in heaven ,I just wanted to tell u how I luv u Caylee!!! Now ur with God in heaven flying around with ur beautiful little wings now. WE MISS U SWEET ANGEL!!!!! GOB BLESS THE GRANDPARENTS TOO.

Bless You Angel  / Karen Margossian
Caylee bless you angel. I am sure for the short time you were on the earth you left a heart print. I know that when you were gone you have left millions of them. My heart aches for you and your family daily. We will never forget about you.
Sadly Missed By so Many!  / The Newest Angel From: THE REYNOLDS FAMILY (An internet family )
May you be wrapped in the arms of angels  / Ann Winters (Internet Family )

May you be wrapped tightly in the arms of angels so you do not feel alone.  So many have cared, so many have cried, and so many have tried to find you Caylee. Hearts are flooded with love for you, baby girl. We have come to think of you as our "own" and we are better people for having known you. We pray that God reveals his plans for bringing you lasting peace and eternal love.

We Love You Caylee  / Jessica Boyer (another adopted mommy )

Dear Caylee,

I love you so much sweet baby girl.....may god be with you!I will set some balloons free for you tomorrow at 1:00 I hope everyone else will do the same!

                                               Love Always,

                                                 all your mommy's at cafemom!

You are the sunshine in all our lives  / Debbie Jackson (Friend)
Caylee, you are the sunshine in all our lives, and you have touched everyone.  May God bring you home to your family that loves you so much. We all miss you very much.
From all of us mom's from Cafemom. Love momof5gram  / Momof5gramof8 Cafe Mom Group (Someone Who Cares )

Quoting momof5gramof8:

To Caylee

We never met in person
We never knew each other
But in our hearts we did.

You'll be sadly missed by those
Who knew you and by those
Who didn't.

Our soul and our hearts are deeply
Sadden by what had happened to you.
We will always love you and miss you
Forever and always.

Our sweet little angel
God is now calling you
Home,to be with him.
Go to Him,as He will keep
You safe.
Until one day
We will meet again.

To you with Love

From all of us mom's from Cafemom.

Caylee, you're my little sister now, before, life!  / Michael Oden (brother through heart )  Read >>
Caylee, you're my little sister now, before, life!  / Michael Oden (brother through heart )

Dear Caylee,

i am so sorry that your mommy took you when you were such a young girl. But you know what baby girl? I don't care about your mommy and more... I don't think i ever did care for her too much!! I don't like to think of what she did to my baby sister, i like to think about the good side of things and that is that you no longer have to deal with her, that you are safe in Heaven with Jesus Christ our saviour and that he loves you very much! Caylee, if i were around to have you from being killed, then i would have but unfortunately i wasn't :( Caylee, i want you to know that you are always going to be in my thoughts and prayers and that i am doing a powerpoint on you right now! I LOVE YOU CAYLEE M. ANTHONY!!!!!!! <3

Caylee Remembered In New Special Song  / Danny Mack (Concerned Citizen )  Read >>
Caylee Remembered In New Special Song  / Danny Mack (Concerned Citizen )

Caylee is remembered in special new song "There's A Brand New Angel", written and recorded by Danny Mack from Palm Harbor, FL . Complimentary MP3 Copies are available by requesting them by e-mail.    News Story Link Below

BEAUTIFUL ANGEL CAYLEE MARIE  / Isabel (none)  Read >>

Dear Cindy and George


   I want to say im very sorry for your lossI know every single day it must hurt to know your beautiful granddaughter is not here anymore but she is an angel now watching over you guys.Im a mother and this story hit me hard. R.I.P to your beautiful grandchild Caylee Marie Anthony and may her keep watching over you guys as the beautiful angel that she is. <3


Dear Caylee Marie


   I dont even know how to start thisCaylee the world loves you so muchcomplete strangers feel as if you were there beautiful baby girl.Im so very sorry this happened to you.I have no words for thati know that your in peace with God now being his little angel.You have touched the whole world Caylee like noone has ever done.We love you and keep resting in peace babygirl! HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN!!! <3

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